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A One-Time Video Call Consultation (Typically Around 1 Hour).


  • The consultation is designed to provide you with guidance for your fitness and nutrition goals. This option is ideal for individuals who seek a direct, one-on-one approach but are not in search of a complete coaching program. This process is extremely beneficial because we avoid the back and forth emailing-hassle. This way, working together is much easier and simple. 


    Popular Topics Include:

    • Guidance on piecing together a workout program including the optimal training structure (i.e. Split/Reps/Set Structure).
    • Determining your optimal macronutrient ratios and caloric intake for your goals. How to approach tracking your food intake. 
    • Assistance with overcoming weight loss and/or strength & muscle building plateaus. 
    • Guidance on creating a targeted, realistic, and enjoyable meal plan while keeping in mind macronutrient goals and your individual lifestyle. 
    • Any other specific or general questions you have in regards to (but not limited to) Fitness/Health/Nutrition/Strength etc. 


    Once you make a purchase, I will email you with a set of instructions which will include a link to a Client Questionnaire form, which includes a section on setting up a convenient time for the consultation.


    Additionally, this form requires certain information like your physical stats, medical history, and goals, so please be as thorough as possible!


    - Please Note: The Skype Consultation is a non-refundable service.