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healthy lifestyle

Become the best version of yourself. Look great and feel great!

lose body


Learn proper nutritional methods to get rid of unwanted fat while still eating the foods you enjoy. Reveal those abs!

BUild Muscle + Strength

Build strength the right way. Look and feel more powerful!



I create detailed and intuitive plans fine-tuned to meet your goals and lifestyle.

Online COaching

One-on-one online communication every week. No matter your concerns, I am here to help you!


To show people of all ages that good health and fitness enhances life while giving them the body of their dreams.


Anyone can be the best version of themselves all while enjoying life to the fullest if he or she puts the work in.


Skidmore Fitness promises that if you put in your best effort, you will meet your goals. If you’re dissatisfied for any reason, you’re entitled to a full refund.